José A. Ramírez
José A. Ramírez   (Hablo Español)                                                             

HR and Mediation

2060 N Powder Horn Drive, Tucson, AZ 85749
(520) 760-6771          Cellular
520-261 (JOSE) 5673

Description of Mediation Practice:  Mr. Ramírez specializes in
Workplace, Cultural, Family, Landlord-Tenant, General Business
disputes and in training mediators. He is a bicultural and
bilingual mediator serving English and Spanish speaking clients.
Neutrality is a priority and confidentiality is assured.

Mediation Experience:  Mr. Ramírez was first trained and began
in 1985 in a Fortune 100 company. He was involved in
mediating settlements in a wide variety of employment,
customer-supplier, co-worker, group, labor-union, and general
workplace disputes.  Mr. Ramírez worked for 23 years at two
Fortune 100 companies in California and New Jersey, mainly in
the field of Human Resources. He has participated in over 250
hours of mediation and general dispute resolution training.  

In July 2005 he began mediating Civil Rights employment,
housing, and victim-offender cases for the Arizona Attorney
General’s office. He also serves on the City of Tucson’s Civil
Service Commission, arbitrating employment issues. Privately,
he mediates all types of disputes for local businesses, learning
institutions and government agencies. Mr. Ramírez serves as a
Board Member for the Arizona chapter of the Association for
Conflict Resolution, a member of the National Association for
Conflict Resolution and a charter member of the Tucson
Mediation Study Group.

Professional Background: Mr. Ramírez is a skilled and dedicated
and well-rounded Human Resources professional with over
three decades of diversified and progressive experience in
conflict resolution, negotiation, facilitation, evaluation, training
and general HR. Mr. Ramírez is a mediator and strategic human
resources leader. During five years of his career, he also
worked for non-profit organizations in administration and

Style of Mediation: Mr. Ramírez’ approach is structured to be
comfortable; he uses primarily the facilitative model of
mediation. He follows a process that assists the parties in
reaching a mutually agreeable resolution. The
mediator asks questions; validates parties' points of view;
searches for
interests underneath the positions taken by parties and assists
the parties
in reaching resolution by finding and analyzing their own

Fees: Mediations are billed by the case. When additional time is
for study or hearing time it is billed by the hour. The cost and
length of the mediation is directly dependent on the number
and complexity of issues presented as well as the willingness of
each party to be forthcoming and participatory.

Types of Mediation Practice: Spanish or English
Real Estate