M.J. McLeroy
M.J. McLeroy
Agreement Services
P.O. Box 40031
Tucson, AZ  85717

Offering mediation and dispute resolution services  for family,
community, and business matters.  Specialties include elder
issues, building construction problems, and real estate

Mr. McLeroy has been mediating for over ten years. He  first
received mediation training from the Arizona Attorney General’s
Office in 2001. Along with continuing education workshops and
seminars, an elder care mediation training was completed in

He is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, a
national mediation organization, and a former member of the
Arizona Association of Realtors.   He volunteers time at the
Tucson Community Mediation program, where he coaches and
mentors mediators-in-training, as well as mediates.

Fees for services are available upon request. They are normally
flat rate, and typically shared equally by all parties. A free half
hour consultation is available for any potential client seeking
information about the mediation process.