Beverly Heasley RN, BSN, MBA
Elder Mediation Associates LLC
7245 E. Camino Bacelar
Tucson Az 85715
520 822 7799

Description of Mediation Practice:  With over thirty years
experience in the field of aging, Beverly focuses on the conflicts
that occur between elders and their families, their caregivers,
and among families challenged by decisions regarding the
complicated and often heart wrenching choices that must be
made for the care and safety of loved ones.  Beverly's
professional experience in long term care management also
makes her especially skilled with conflicts arising in the
workplace between management and employees, residents,
family members, and agencies.

Mediation Experience:  Beverly is actively involved in a private
elder mediation practice.  She also generously shares her skills
as a volunteer at a Tucson social service agency where she
mediates a variety of disputes.

Training for Professional Development:  Beverly completed
Community Mediation Training in 2009 (40 hours) and Elder
Care Mediation Training in 2010 (20 hours) in Tucson AZ.  She is
a member of the national Association of Conflict Resolution,
Elder Mediation Division and Arizona Association of Conflict
Resolution and takes advantage of the frequent trainings
offered through these organizations.  As a health care
professional Beverly  continuously participates in educational
opportunities  required to maintain her nursing and
administrator licenses.  Beverly serves on the Pima Council on
Aging Advisory Committee, United Way Senior Council, the
Committee on Older Adult Ministries of the United Methodist
Church and the Arizona Center on Aging Senior Mentor Program.

Professional Background:  Beverly is recognized internationally
for her expertise in long term care.  She is known as an
innovator and change maker.  Nurse, administrator, CEO,
educator, trainer, and mediator, she is devoted to elder care.  
Conversations with Beverly are peppered with examples of
placement dilemmas which she has helped resolve.  She has
found mediation to be a most effective way for all parties,
including the elder, to be heard and to find resolution.

Style of mediation:  Beverly finds the transformative style of
mediation to be appropriate in most care, safety, or health

Fees: Fees are determined on a case by case basis, include
advance preparation as well as  the mediation, and are
submitted prior to the gathering of the participants.  

Types of mediation practice:

Elder Care conflict transformation
Long-term Care workplace conflict cooperation
Beverly Heasley