Would you like to resolve a conflict in your life or
business in a way that is cost effective, quick, and
allows you to control the outcome?

Conflict is a normal part of life, but sometimes a conflict
happens that is more difficult than you expected and in spite of
your best efforts you have been unable to resolve it.

Have you, or anyone you know, ever faced a conflict such

•        A neighbor-to-neighbor disagreement where no matter
what you said or did the other person would not respond

•        You’ve decided to divorce, but you would like a kinder,
gentler process that still respects your spouse, minimizes
stress on your children, and avoids the expense and emotional
toll of a traditional adversarial divorce?

•        In your role as a manager you have two employees that
keep disrupting the workplace with their inability to work

Or one of your employees is a star performer but causes a lot
of extra work and stress for you and you don’t know how to
get through to her?

Or you are an employee in a job you really want to keep, but
are having a difficult time letting your boss know how
challenging it is to work with him?

•        Your agency or department is disputing the claim of
another agency or department and you want to re-establish
good communication and resolve the conflict?

•        You are locked in a landlord-tenant dispute and can’t
figure a way out?

•        Your Neighborhood Association board of directors has
been stuck in a dispute for the past 6 months and it is causing
resignations due to the friction and anger?

There is a way to resolve your conflict. Mediation offers a calm,
effective, and cost conscious way to solve challenging conflicts.
An impartial mediator brings methods and techniques to help
you reach a mutually acceptable solution.

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