Mary G. Marcus, Ph.D.
Mary G. Marcus, Ph.D.
Center for Divorce Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc.
5215 N. Sabino Canyon Road, Tucson, AZ 85750

Description of Mediation Practice: Specializing in Divorce, Family, Marital
and Elder Mediation.

Mediation Experience: I have mediated complex family cases in a private
practice for over 15 years.  On a volunteer basis from 1999-2006, I served
as a Special Master, mediating family cases for the Superior Court
Regional Family Trial Docket in Connecticut.  Since 2006, I have served as
a volunteer mediator with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office Civil Rights
Mediation Program in Tucson, mediating primarily employment and sexual
discrimination cases.  I am an Advanced Practitioner Member of the
Association for Conflict Resolution, a national mediation organization.  I
enhance and maintain my skills by attending continuing mediation
education workshops and seminars each year as well as seminars in the
content areas in which I mediate.

Professional Background: I have been a mediator since 1994 with the
Center for Divorce Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. and
also was one of its founders.  I served as president of the Connecticut
Council for Divorce Mediation, a statewide organization, in 2002.  I have
been a Licensed Psychologist since 1980 and had a private practice of
clinical psychology for 27 years and was Chief of the Section of Psychology
at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, CT from 1993-1999.  An article titled “To
Mediate or Not to Mediate: Financial Outcomes in Mediated versus
Adversarial Divorces” and based on research I did with three colleagues,
was published in Mediation Quarterly, Winter, 1999. In order to provide
private mediation clients with document preparation services associated
with their mediation, I have been an Arizona Certified Legal Document
Preparer in 2004.

Fees: I bill on a hourly basis for mediation and for the preparation of
associated documents.  I offer a free half-hour consultation to potential
clients in which I answer all their questions about the mediation process.

Types of Mediation Practice: I view mediation as a cooperative problem-
solving process.  As a mediator, I help clients create solutions to their
dispute that fit their unique situation.  I am impartial but always active in
eliciting both client’s points of view and proposals.  Based on my years of
experience in mediating a variety of disputes and my professional training,
I can help clients develop creative options to resolve their disputes.