Who We Work With
Who Tucson Mediates serves: Is this you or your

We offer mediation and mediation training for individuals,
professionals, organizations and businesses throughout
Southern Arizona.

We work with individuals, organizations and businesses who
seek effective ways to solve conflict.
Our clients understand
that when they are active participants in the process of conflict
resolution, they are highly satisfied with the solutions they
reach and implement.

Our clients appreciate respectful and honest dialogue about a
conflict through a mediation process that leads to increased
understanding about all aspects of the conflict. All perspectives
are heard, issues thoroughly discussed, and solutions explored.
The mediator offers an impartial process and presence for both
sides of the dispute to be heard equally.

Our clients know that mediation is cost effective and can be
used for conflicts or disputes. Getting involved in the legal
system is expensive, takes huge amounts of time and
resources, is emotionally draining, and most disturbing,
someone else makes the final decision. Someone wins and
someone loses the judgment, but in the meantime everyone
involved in the conflict has lost time, money and peace of mind.

Who calls us?

Managers call us…You are a manager and two of your high
performing employees are not getting along. In fact, their
conflict is impacting the entire department or business and
productivity is decreasing. You want them to solve the problem
on their own, but so far they have not made any progress. You
realize an impartial mediator will provide a safe setting to
support the employees in solving their problem.

Divorcing couples call us…You and your spouse have decided
that divorce is the best option. You are committed to engaging
in a respectful business-like process during the divorce. You are
willing to be fair, and if you have children, their well-being is
upmost in your mind. You would like the support of an impartial
mediator to help you sort through all the issues, such as
parenting and child support, division of assets, division of
liabilities and spousal support.

Homeowner associations call us…You are on the board of your
homeowners association and there is a dispute with one of the
homeowners. The homeowner feels they are being treated
unfairly by the board and the board feels they have done
everything they can do to appease the homeowner. The
impasse seems impossible to solve. Yet, it can be solved. An
impartial mediator creates an atmosphere where both sides can
generate lots of options to meet each other’s needs.

Business partners call us…You value the working relationship
you have with your business partner, and the contribution they
have made to the success of the business. You want to
continue running the business together, but this latest dispute
threatens to destroy what you have so carefully created. You
have faith in both of your abilities to solve the issue, but want
to be sure that an impartial mediator helps you keep your
emotions in check and focused on the core business and
relationship issues.

Consumers call us…You contracted with an expert to provide a
service for you and the outcome is not what you agreed to, yet
the contractor insists that it is. You still need the service, you
would like to receive value for the money you’ve spent, and you
need a way to solve the dispute in a reasonable and thoughtful
way with an impartial mediator.

Elders or their adult children call us… As you’ve aged, you
found life is becoming more difficult to manage and you fear
losing control over decisions that impact you. Or, you’ve
watched mom or dad get more and more forgetful – bills aren’t
getting paid, they’ve been in a car accident, and they forget to
eat. The issues are complex and yet you want the best possible
outcome. An impartial mediator helps the voices of all family
members be heard and reach a consensus that maintains the
dignity of the elder while making decisions in the elder’s best

Attorneys call us…You believe that the clients you represent in
a dispute will clearly benefit from this time sensitive and less
formal process. You know that you will remain involved with
your clients while you coach them through mediation and
protect them as they reach fair settlements.

How do you know if you will be successful in mediation?

You are willing to sincerely try to work out a resolution. It
may seem to be impossible that there will be any common
ground to meet on, but you are willing to explore the possibility.

You focus on your interests not a rigid position. There are
many ways to meet your needs and you are curious what those
might be. You are interested in the other person’s needs and
interests as well. Both of your interests are equally valid and
deserve to be heard and understood.

You are open to learning new ways of dealing with conflict. It
is so easy to be adversarial and make the other person out to
be the bad guy. And yet, you are a reasonable person and
prefer to get along. You want to have more skill in dealing with

You do what you say you are going to do. You follow-through
on the agreement with the other party and you demonstrate
trust that they will follow-through as well.

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with, the types
of conflicts we help to resolve, and what you need to know to
be successful in mediation, click on this link to learn more about
How We Work.